Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
20 million people are starving right now!
There is no such thing as race!

KULTUR <-- Kulturarkiv


ALMA Prize Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award // Nobel Prize // Right livelihood award

Kafka and the texts

Mytknäckarna // Mike

Emma4Change // David Hogg // Ramon Contreras // Kai Koerber

Greta Thunberg // Arshak Makichyan // Vanessa Makate // Leah Namugerwa // Davis Reuben // Mulindwa Moses // Sadrach Nirere // Hilda F. Nakabuye // Licypriya Kangujam // Bob Matovu // Liubov Samylova

Joshua Wong // Emily Mayer // Alexandra Rojas

يُترجم برنامج التقرير الساعة الرابعة بعد الظهر إلى اللغتين العربية والإنجليزية // yutrjm barnamaj altaqrir alssaeat alrrabieat baed alzuhr 'iilaa allaghtayn alearabiat wal'iinjlizia // The program Rapport at 4 in the afternoon is translated into Arabic and English // Le programme Rapport à 4 heures de l'après-midi est traduit en arabe et en anglais


Crisis information in other languages / معلومات الأزمات بلغات أخرى / Macluumaadka dhibaatooyinka ee luqado kale ku qoran / اطلاعات بحران به زبانهای دیگر / Informations de crise dans d'autres langues


Amber shares her experience

Amber shares her experience II

Digging in the dirt (Gabriel) "This time you gone too far, I told you! I told you! I told you! I told you!"

Lincoln Project Conservatives against Trump

Think I like this one best of all his work...

Meghan speak

John Boyega speak

DÅTID <-- Dåtidsarkiv

Egyptens faraoner Regentlängden till år 30

Nordisk historia

Svenska Kungar

Norska Kungar

Danska Kungar

The same Genetic Background for both the Jewish Israeli and the Arab Palestinians Ethnic culture is really just makeup

Archeologica News

African History


Human sacrifice? Slave?

Başur Höyük

Yarim Lim History with Cy

Hammurabi III

SAMTID <-- Samtidsarkiv

Nobel Prize // Nobel Peace Prize // The Olof Palme Prize // The Right Livelihood Award // Palme Center // Expo // Den farliga mångfalden – om Sverigedemokraternas världsbild // If Not Now Movement // The Tech for Global Good // Fridays for Future // Fridays for future India // Fridays for Future Germany // Fridays for future Russia // Ventredi pour le climat // UK Studens Climate Network // FFF_Sierra Leone // Fridays for future Uganda

Children of Syria // The Syria Report // Dollar Street // UNICEF // European Roma Rights Center // Memorial fund in honor of Hans Rosling

IRIN // UN News Centre // UN Refugee Agency // Reliefweb // F A O // Earthquake Track // Pacific Tsunami Warning Center // OCHA

Juan Cole // Gapminder Test 2018 // Welcome to the revolution // Never again // Survivors Network // Global Girls Alliance

Riktiga getbanken/Goat Bank/Ziegebank // Lumos // J-Pal // Beyoncé: BeyGOOD // Gates Foundation // Rihannas foundation: Clara Lionel Foundation

# Yemen # Somalia // // The Rise up Movement // Save Congo Rainforest // RiseUp Movement SouthAfrica

Human Rights Watch

اطلاعات Corona به فارسی / فارسی (Coronainfo Farsi)

Macluumaadka Corona ee Af-soomaaliga (Coronainfo Somaliska)

معلومات كورونا باللغة العربية (Coronainfo arabiska)

Corona in other languages/ Corona en otros idiomas / Corona dans d'autres langues / በሌሎች ቋንቋዎች ኮሮና / その他の言語におけるCorona / 电晕用其他语言 / Corona in anderen Sprachen / Corona ในภาษาอื่น ๆ


Putting out fire with fire - bad idea Beau

Zuckerberg on wrong side of history

Hasan Minhaj explains how Coronavirus broke America (country was already broken!)

Get out, Hong Kongers! Get Out!

Black Lives Matter

This makes sense - especiallly if some of the Coronasymptoms is an autoimmune reaction

Oh dear - are you really sure this is what transpired? We have a problem with fascists in Sweden. It can make situations worse.

Joe Bidens response Ana and Cenk analyzes

Guard and Active Duty Beau


Same old - same old conflict

This time you gone too far, I told you! I told you! I told you! I told you!

Listen says the Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army

The Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff's message to the Joint Force

Siberian Times

RELIGION <-- Religionsarkiv

Aboriginernas gudar och andar

Banyorofolkets gudar

Egyptiska gudar

Feniciska gudar

Fonfolkets gudar

Fornnordiska gudar

Grekernas gamla gudar

Hettiternas gudar

Jakuternas heliga väsen

Keltiska gudar

Kinesiska gudar

Koryakernas högsta väsen

Sumeriska gudar

Tjuktjernas gudar

Yorubafolkets gudar

Interfaith calendar

Religious Resources - sacred texts and more Courtesy of the University of Calgary, Library


Swedish Midsummer

Cybele - a mother goddess

Double Fifth festival


INTERNT FLAMS // Privat Gabble


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